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Learn the Predictive Interaction Design concept and how to supercharge your own product, system, experience or project designs to optimise for speed, efficiency and security through our course: An end-to-end consulting engagement wrapped up into a concise example led video course that includes frameworks and templates to implement Predictive Interaction Design thinking into your own designs.

If you're in New Product Development, Engineering, UX Design, Interaction Design, HCI, Technology Innovation, or conducting research in any these fields - the course offers truly tangible innovation to your projects and will make you stand out in these areas. For students in these areas or those of you that are simply curious, you'll also find inspiration with the course.

You're about to learn how to create magical user experiences using the Predictive Interaction Design concept.


What you'll get:

4+ hours of high quality video course content [with subtitles].

Full set of course materials including PDF versions of every video.

Course tools & templates to apply Predictive Interaction Design to your products, systems and experiences.

Certificate of completion upon passing our assessment quiz to share on LinkedIn and other social media.


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