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What Is Predictive Interaction Design? 

It's a rigorous User Experience Design concept that allows product, user experience and interaction designers (or anyone!) to design that 'magical' feeling user experience that's one step ahead of their decisions, without being intrusive.

This retention of user choice and lack of decision intrusion is what sets Predictive Interaction Design apart from classic anticipatory design.

The goal of implementing Predictive Interaction Design is simple:

Innovate your user experiences by predicting a want, need or command input to incite a faster, more efficient or more secure response. 

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Beyond Just Predictive Analytics

Using big data and machine learning to predict future trends, actions and behaviours is an important component of anticipatory design. But it is not always necessary to design a fantastic predictive user experience. There are other clever and sometimes much more simple ways to implement anticipatory design into your projects.

Learn The Concept & Apply To Your Experiences

Learn The Concept & Apply It To Your Experiences




(Recommended if you are new to Predictive Interaction Design)


A fast-paced and easy to follow course that will give you a concrete understanding of Predictive Interaction Design thinking. 

This fully example-led Course will show you how to implement PID into a wide range of scenarios, across products and services spanning multiple industries. 

If you're involved in New Product Development, Engineering, UX Design, Interaction Design, HCI, Technology Innovation, or conducting research in any these fields, this course will change the way you look at user experiences and show you how to improve the user experience in your own projects. Think of it a bit like self-serve consulting.

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(Recommended if you are a product development or innovation team with a defined project)


Every business is unique, and you may have a unique challenge associated with yours. That's why we offer bespoke advisory services. We'll take you through the Predictive Interaction Design process and show you how to implement anticipatory design into your UX/CX journey.

True, tangible innovation, tailored to your business. Enquire now.



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