What Is Predictive Interaction Design?


Predictive Interaction Design is a User Experience and Interaction Design concept where products, systems and services predict human interactions ahead of time through means as simple as a sensor or as complex as a machine learning algorithm.

When this is possible, a new set of possibilities are unlocked.

Systems become much smarter and prepare ahead of time for more responsive, magical feeling interactions and user experiences.

They become more efficient, adjusting resource usage dynamically and only when needed.

They become more secure: If a certain predicted user journey isn't matched, is the interaction malicious? The system can act accordingly.

Using a defined set of tools and frameworks, you can implement this smart way of thinking into your own products, systems and experiences. Our 4+ hour self serve video course shows you how and provides you with everything you need to supercharge your user experiences and interaction designs.


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Speed, efficiency and security silhouette icons
Speed, efficiency and security silhouette icons

The Tools & Frameworks You Need


Our course equips you with all the tools, frameworks, and processes necessary to deconstruct your new or existing project/system designs ‚ÄĒ whether for hobby-level projects, mass-produced products, or commercial installations ‚ÄĒ and enhance user experience through predictive design.

Stand out by acquiring the skills to integrate predictive design thinking into your projects to create innovative new features. Use our frameworks and elevate your designs. Free course demo access also available by clicking the button below.


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From The Founder


A keen technology enthusiast with a background in engineering and experience in innovation management, UX design and human centric design thinking. Over the years of noticing areas of lag or delay in technology products I use, I wondered "what if these things knew what I was about to do before I did it based on my behaviour leading up to my interactions?"

I started noting down the idea, and over the course of two years formulated the Predictive Interaction Design concept. Along the way I noticed that if products can predict what I'm about to do, they can not only be optimised for faster user experiences, but also efficient and secure ones.

Learn about Predictive Interaction Design and how to supercharge your own product, system, experience and project designs to optimise for these three facets through my course: An end-to-end consulting engagement wrapped up into concise example led videos that include frameworks and templates to implement Predictive Interaction Design thinking into your own designs.

If you're in New Product Development, Engineering, UX Design, Interaction Design, HCI, Technology Innovation, or conducting research in any these fields - this course provides truly tangible innovation that will elevate your projects and distinguish you in your area. For students in these areas or those of you that are simply curious, you'll also find inspiration with our course!

I hope you enjoy the course and are inspired to both identify Predictive Interaction Design implementations in both the products you use every day and those that you're creating.


- Nik Giri, Founder of Predictive Interaction Design

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How To Engage


There are two ways to engage with and learn about Predictive Interaction Design and to apply it to your product or system user experiences.

The first and primary way is to take the course: A 4+ hour example led video course that will teach you how to apply the design thinking to your own projects. You can access the first 4 chapters of the course for free and preview the full course table of contents using the buttons below.

The second way to engage is with bespoke consulting & advisory, where we'll advise UX and Interaction Design changes to make to your project - great if you're a medium to larger organisation with specific product development.

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Certificate Upon Completion


Upon passing assessment questions at the end of the course, you'll be issued with your unique certificate of completion, showcasing your proficiency in the subject which you can share on LinkedIn and social media.


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